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ThunderSoft Video Watermark Remove

Video Watermark Remove is a professional tool to remove watermark and logo from an existing video. It provides 3 methods(Delogo, Mosaic, Gaussian Blur) to help you remove annoying watermarks and logos, and the output keep the same file format, video/audio codec and almost the same quality as the original. With this tool it's easy to remove a transparent watermark, company logo, text watermark, embedded subtitles, even a specified object, and also easy to add your custom text/picture/video/shape watermark.


Feature List

  • Include 3 different methods to remove watermark.

  • Be able to remove transparent watermark, date time overlay, company logo and many other types of watermark.

  • Be able to preview current frame after you add a watermark remover.

  • Allow specify the start and end time of the watermark remover.

  • Keep the original file format, quality and video/audio codec.

  • Allow add text watermark with many built-in text styles.

  • Allow add picture, video and custom shape as your own watermark.


File info

Version: 7.7.0
Release Date: Mar 29th, 2019
Full Size: 34.2MB
Language: English
OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
  Windows Server 2012/2008/2003



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